Work-Life Balance: Why it Matters

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Work-Life Balance: Why it Matters


The quest for balance is something that is often quite challenging in our modern world. The ever-available stream of information, ever-increasing financial demands, and the complexity of the world we live in make balance feel like an elusive concept.

I remember interviewing for a job in Washington D.C. I casually asked “what is the work life balance like here?” “Completely normal!” I was assured. Coming from Denver, I assumed “normal” meant people worked a 40-50 hour week, then went home to be with their families, pursue their hobbies, and get a little exercise in there.

After I accepted the job and started my new position, I soon discovered that “a normal balanced life” meant working 70- 80+hours a week, Monday-Sunday. Oh my. . .

At Thrive Integrated Health, we believe that work-life balance is crucial to health, and that there are innumerable simple ways to incorporate balance into your life by making small changes.

Come check out our programs to help you manage stress, optimize your health, and do your part to live a healthy, balanced life!

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