Denver Nutrition


At Thrive Integrated Health, we see nutrition as the cornerstone of good health. Everything that you eat has an impact on your body.

Fortunately, Denver is a great place to be for nutrition. We have an abundance of local farmer’s markets, a wide selection of organic and locally sourced foods, and restaurants that are dedicated to good food choices.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of conflicting information available, and it’s often very confusing and frustrating to sift through it all to make the best choices. Psychological relationships with food, family food histories and cultures, bio-individuality, and the latest diet fad all conspire to make for internal conflict around nutrition.

At Thrive, we see food as the foundation of balanced health and wellness, and one of the most important and empowering contributions an individual can make. Our nutritionists are highly skilled at bringing together the truths about food, the practical applications and challenges of healthy eating, and the unique story of who you are into your nutrition plan.

Denver Organic

locally sourced in Denver organic food is available at Thrive