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303 Magazine Features Dr. John Augspurger of BioDentist

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Denver’s trendy 303 Magazine recently featured Dr. John Augspurger’s BioDentist offices in its Health Bent column authored by George Peele (@orangepeelemoses). The article “BioDentist John Augspurger is One Sweet Tooth Doctor” shares Peele’s perception of a visit to the new Denver offices.
303 Magazine, George Peele
From the 303 Magazine Article
When I recently noticed sensitivity between two of my molars, I called the office of a man who’d just moved his practice from Colorado Springs to Glendale wellness complex Thrive. His name is Dr. John Augspurger. And I’ve never been more thrilled to be drilled.

Augspurger bills himself as a biological dentist, or “biodentist” for short. One might also refer to him as naturopathic or holistic. Whereas most oral health professionals focus purely on immediate symptoms, with zero regard for the overall condition of the mouth in which they arose, Augspurger is noticeably different. “The basis of biological/holistic dentistry is that everything in your body is connected to everything else. Our bodies run as intricate, coordinated systems. When we are healthy, our bodies are much more resistant to dental disease. And conversely, when we’re unhealthy, we’re more prone to disease and dental disease is just one of them. A biological dentist works with YOU to improve everything in the body by improving your teeth—specifically the microcirculation, lymphatic function, blood flow, oxygenation, and the health of the bone and supportive structures.”

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BioDentist and Dr. John Augspurger have relocated to Denver!!

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Nationally recognized biological dentist Dr. John Augspurger, DDS is now practicing in Denver at the Thrive Integrated Health Center located at 455 South Hudson St., Suite 200 in Denver just east of Cherry Creek.hudson-view

 Dr. Augspurger and his staff have relocated to Denver after practicing in Colorado Springs for over 22 years where his successful biological dental practice saw patients from all over the world. “For the same reasons you choose a healthy diet and lifestyle, you should also choose a biological dentist. Time and time again our patients tell us how much better they feel and how their health has improved after completing their treatment”, said Dr. Augspurger.
Read the rest of the article at BioDentist

Why Root Canals Are Dangerous

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Practicing as a biological dentist for the last 18 of my 23 year career, I am VERY interested in the health of my patients who seek my care. The day I became a biological dentist was the same day I stopped doing root canals forever.


Because I did not believe in ANY surgical procedure that leaves a dead tooth/body part. Then ten years later I participated in a research study on the dangers of root canals, specifically what toxins are in the root canal tooth. Ever smell a dead body? Well, that’s what it smells like inside every root canal. Next time you pull a root canal, cut the tooth in half and smell it. It’s dead and rotten in there, and the older the root canal the worse it gets. I have pulled over 2,000 root canaled teeth and I see first hand the damage done to the bone from the out gassing of hydrogen sulfide, which is the stinky gas in there. And finally, I have witnessed for “some strange reason”, the improvement in a plethora of diseases and their associated symptoms that “just go away”.

It is important for doctors and dentists alike to know the facts associated with root canals, and to revisit the Hippocratic oath taken in school which says “do no harm”. And, It is important for patients to understand their options when choosing what to do with their teeth, and how it impacts their overall health.

So, I invite all dentists to take the Hippocratic oath seriously one more time, to stop doing root canals altogether, AND to know what it takes to save the life of a tooth.

Biodentist is the office of Dr. John Augspurger and located in Thrive Integrated Health. Reach him at 303-333-9000 or

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