Welcome to Thrive Integrated Health in Denver, Colorado. Thrive is the next generation of health in America: integrative, collaborative, whole person health and performance medicine.

Thrive Integrated Health is a three-story, state of the art, Medical Office Building, compromised of well-respected wellness talent in Denver. Our team includes a holistic dentist, doctors, health professionals, and wellness practitioners which have joined forced to maximize the health and healing in our community.

Located near Cherry Creek in the heart of Denver, Thrive includes Kindness Yoga, Biodentist, onsite dental lab, yoga therapy, massage,  Xavier School of Healing Bodywork pain clinic and massage school, nutrition, structural integration, chiropractic, acupuncture, and many other services.

Our mission: to eliminate your source of disease, cause of discomfort, lack of energy. Our goal is to make problems such as back pain, toothaches, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic pain, high blood pressure, anxiety depression, overweight, or other injury, and replace it with the true thriving health you were are meant to enjoy.

If you’re ready to experience what happens when a thriving community comes together to advance the future of health and wellness, come to Thrive Integrated Health Center today!