Practitioner Opportunities

Thrive Therapy Suites:
Where Health and Wellbeing Flourish!

Are you a health and wellness practitioner looking for a Denver office and an amazing location to launch your business, or bring an existing practice to the next level? Are you looking for a community of like-minded practitioners and clients who are passionate about health and wellness in Denver?

Thrive Integrated Health is the place for you!

massage-2We are a community of health and wellness practitioners, combining cutting edge technology with therapeutic client relationships to create an environment where both practitioner and client flourish!  This kind of project takes a whole community to succeed, and develops a whole community in the process.  Our thriving integrated health community includes a holistic dentist, medical doctors, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, therapists, and much more.

Thrive Therapy Suites Delivers the New Model

With Thrive Therapy Suites, we provide the building, the administrative infrastructure, the professionally trained support staff, the extensive marketing, the client relations and development, and many other services, so that you can focus on your clients.

You can rent one of twelve shared therapy suite for the number of hours you wish to work or you can have a dedicated space that is exclusively yours. Some practitioners choose to rent a dedicated suite with partners and share the room schedule.

By sharing space, infrastructure, and staff with other, like-minded practitioners, you share the costs and also join into a community of clients and healers to create a synergistic experience for all involved.

The Thrive Building


  • Thrive is a completely renovated three story complex with 19,000 square feet of integrated health and wellness.
  • We offer both leases and flex space for hourly and daily use.
  • The 1st Floor has three suites anchored by Proactive Wellness
  • The 2nd Floor is anchored by Bio Dentist, John Augspurger, and Thrive Therapy Suites
  • The 3rd Floor is anchored by Kindness Yoga Studio and Healing Arts Wellness Center, accompanied by a Floatation Tank (sensory deprivation tank) and an Infrared Dry Sauna along with other healing modalities.
  • THRIVE! the building has beautiful West views, ample natural light, mature landscape, open air parking, quiet location, elevator, high speed internet, security, and privacy.