A Letter to Our Community

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A Letter to Our Community


Through our community’s generous support this past year, Thrive Community Health, 501c3 is creating optimal terrain for biological health and education to flourish, through programs and services that increase awareness and empower change. This year, through our Food and Farm Vitality led by internationally recognized Master Gardener, Joe Lustig, we provided organic vegetables and seeds to other organizations including the Gathering Place, Senior Center of Denver, Project Angel Heart, Sacred Heart House of Denver and the Montessori School of Denver. Through your support of our food and farm vitality programs, we offered nutrient-rich food and seeds for the betterment of health in underserved populations.   

Our micro-farm not only provides food for the community but is also a place for volunteers, individuals and school children alike, to learn all phases of sustainable farming, from soil preparation to seed cultivation.

Through your financial support, we expanded our education programs and content about biologically sound health topics to the broader community.  This year, our Learning Lunch sessions were led by prominent experts in health including Dr. Tom Levy, MD, JD, author and respected cardiologist, Prashanti de Jager, master herbalist and Ayurveda expert, Monica Corrado, master nutritionist, author, and advocate for children’s nutrition, to name a few.. Our participants expressed feeling inspired to make simple changes that can be integrated into daily life, empowering them to participate fully in their personal health care. 

This year, we initiated our educational content library to provide videos and materials on important and relevant biological health topics that empower individuals to take responsibility for the betterment of their health.  

Furthermore, we are honored to offer a meeting place for other non-profit and educational organizations, such as Denver Share, a local support group for families dealing with pregnancy and infant loss, to hold their monthly support group meetings.

To our beloved community of donors, we thank you for your investment in the communities we serve and your support to continue expanding health awareness in a time of increasing disease.

At Thrive Community Health, your donations matter, as we are vigilant about keeping our costs low by volunteering our time to administer our programs.  Through your generous support, we will continue to provide nutrient-dense foods and content-rich programs for the betterment of health and community.   

We look forward to expanding our offerings of educational content, programs and services that inspire and empower healthful changes, generating a rich terrain for bodies to heal and our communities to thrive.


Yours, in service to educate, empower, heal and integrate,

Allyson Baker,  Executive Director

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